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Issue 8
May 2006

"Sim Limb JHA" & "Sim Limb Exercise Video"

"The "Sim Limb JHA" and the "Sim Limb Exercise Video" introduced in a new "60 Seconds for Safety" video format are critical key safety reminders for fireline sawyers and cutters with regards to one of our most commonly tragic and preventable hazards in the wildland fire environment.

Remember - "Gravity travels at significant speed!". Both the video and JHA come from hard lessons learned and should serve as reminders for all wildland firefighters!

Special thanks to Paul Chamberlin of the Missoula, Montana - Aerial Fire Depot and Safety Council member, and Tahoe National Forest Safety Officer: Michelle Reugebrink - both career firefighters, smokejumpers, fallers, and currently Fire Safety Specialists - The PEOPLE who care about YOUR SAFETY!

Special thanks to "Bill Aaron and the Tahoe National Forest Audio/Visual Staff".

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Sim Limb JHA
Sim Limb Exercise Video
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