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Issue 11 - March 2010

FIREFIT – When Regular Fitness Just Isn’t Enough!

FireFit logoWhat sets the FireFit program aside from other conventional ‘fitness programs’ is that it has been developed specifically for wildland firefighters. It is a One-Stop shopping arena for people wanting a range of options and alternatives for their own individual physical fitness training program. Because wellness and physical fitness are personal responsibilities, especially for those in strenuous firefighting positions or in any other fire support role – FireFit provides a focused training perspective for safer, successful work capacity and performance.

The beauty of the FireFit program is that it provides both basic information and advanced templates which can be used by each individual or fire crews that are adaptable for both personal and team “ownership and pride” FireFit provides the tools necessary for developing a more personal and group tailored fitness regime. FireFit’s objectives include:

  • Providing information to enable firefighters to develop a better balanced fitness program.
  • Help to minimize injuries related to PT (physical training).
  • Incorporate the essential components of physical and mental fitness to include:

o Dynamic Warm-Up and Cool Down
o Aerobic Fitness
o Muscle Strength (Power) and Endurance
o Flexibility
o Core Training
o Mental and mindful awareness
o Rest, relaxation and rehabilitation (as needed)

  • Promoting overall year round physical and mental fitness and awareness.

Fitness and wellness must always be priorities for anyone seeking a career or employment in the wildland fire and support workforce. Despite whatever positions these employees may eventually fill, FireFit provides a valuable niche for those seeking a more balanced and holistic approach towards attaining individual goals, and promoting passion for improvement in individual wellness.

Research on health and wellness reveal risk factors such as: poor nutrition, lack of stress management, obesity, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, all have different effects on wildland fire personnel. Since wildland fire personnel must also rely on the physical and mental well-being of the people they work with – FireFit’s design is intended to meet the needs for a diversity of workout goals and physical training. FireFit’s ultimate intent is to increase health, reduce risk factors and ultimately increase performance on incidents. FireFit is a program dedicated to all who work in fire management. It has proven its effectiveness during training, and it helps promote confidence, stamina and endurance among fireline leadership. Firefit helps instill and improve both the mental and physical abilities needed to lead people safe and successfully through stressful situations. FireFit is the right tool to help us “walk the talk” in overall fitness and wellness. It may not have all the answers; however it provides a very focused and alternative motivational approach for those seeking high performance on and off the fireline. For more information:

Please visit our website:: http://www.nifc.gov/FireFit/index.htm

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