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Fire and Aviation Management Staff                                                 WIMS TechNote-2000-01

Date: 12-Jan-2000

System: WIMS - HUB

Subject: NON-GOES Automatic Weather Station HUB

Purpose: Y2K Compliancy Notice, capabilities to communicate with Campbell Scientific Stations as well as the "fast modem" or TMUltra manufactured by Forest Technology Systems, and notice of non-Watchdog of data.

Contact: Fire and Aviation Management Applications Helpdesk

FS-Mail: fire?/wo,nifc

Internet: fire?/

Phone: 800-253-5559


Some versions of software intended to upload data from automatic weather stations to WIMS are not Y2K compliant and send the date in a three digit format. This non-compliant software must no longer be used for uploading to WIMS as it causes significant problems with the gateway.


1. Station owners who have non-compliant software may do one of three things:

1. Register to use the HUB (See WIMS TechNote-98-09 for more information. Sharon Shepard at 800-253-5559 is now the contact to add your stations to the HUB.)

2. Purchase a Y2K compliant version of the upload software.

3. Convert their system to GOES.

NOTICE: Previously the HUB did not support Campbell Scientific manufactured stations and Forest Technology Systems Manufactured Systems using the "TMUltra" or "fast modems". Both are now supported by the HUB.

WATCHDOG: Watchdog is a process in which a computer process "checks" data for seasonal limits and accuracy. Examples would be air temperatures within seasonal limits, and wind speed changes within a certain time period. Stations that are GOES telemetered and brought into WIMS through the BLM's Automated Sorting, Conversion and Distribution System (ASCADS) are watchdogged. Results are mailed to station owners on a weekly basis. This is a reminder to non-GOES station owners that data delivered to WIMS by telephone telemetry (HUB and dial-up software) do not have a WATCHDOG process running.

Thanks: Kolleen Shelley, RAWS/AWS Coordinator

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