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WIMS* TechNote 97-10                                                                                        

Date:        17-Dec-1997

System:     WIMS

Subject:     Wet fuels field (Wet Flag) correction in WIMS

Purpose:    Inform users of correction at KC-WIMS allowing the wet fuels field (wet flag) to be forced to Yes, when the State of Weather field is coded to 0, 1, 2 or 3.

Contact:     Fire and Aviation Management Applications Helpdesk

                    DG: FIRE?:W02A

                    Phone: 800-253-5559

Problem: When editing observations, the state of the weather is input as 0, 1, 2, or 3 at the observation time, but the fuel sticks are wet (ie a layer of snow covers them), the wet fuels field should be set to Yes. The system would override this and set the wet fuels field to No.

(Note: When viewing the EOBS form the Wet Fuels field may show a N, when you have entered a Y, after saving the edits. This problem has not been corrected. To check the Wet Fuels field for accuracy use the Fastpath DIDM, to view the Display NFDR Moisture Index Form.)

Performed by: WIMS User

Repair: Using Fastpath EOBS, enter Station ID, Type, Date, Time as corresponds to your needs. TAB over to W (State of Weather field) and enter the State of Weather code, TAB one time, then hit the NEWLINE (or ENTER) key (this commits the change to the database). Then continue to TAB over to the Wet Fuels field and enter Y, hit the TAB key one time, then NEWLINE (or ENTER). Then hit F1 to Save your edits. This will need to be done for all observations where the fuel sticks are wet, but at observation time the state of the weather was clear to overcast.

When entering new observations enter data as usual, changing the wet fuels field (wet flag) from N to Y, TAB one time, NEWLINE (or Enter), then F1 to save the observations.

Thanks: June Johnston R2, and Dave Toelle R2 for reporting this error, Linda Glick KC-WIMS, for correcting the error.

**End of TechNote 97-10**

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