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WIMS Frequently Asked Questions


   How do I get a WIMS Logon ID?

Download the Wims Logon ID Request Form and follow instructions to submit your request. 


    My password has expired.  How do I get it reset?
Contact the HelpDesk at (800) 253-5559 or email to


    I am able to view the observations, but I cannot edit them, why?
You need to have edit privileges in order to edit the observations.  Have the owner of the station create an Access Control List (ACL), giving you edit observation privileges.  Be sure the ACL is also active in the station catalog (ESTA).


    I would like to establish a new RAWS station.  Where do I get the Station Number?
Contact your local Gacc Intell Officer. 


    Where do I get information regarding the 1988 revisions to the 1978 NFDRS?
Publication 1988 Revisions to the 1978 NFDRS SE-273


    Using the 1978 models, what steps do I go through to put a station into greenup?
set the Herbaceous State to pregreen approximately 30 days before greenup occurs. This is done by entering a "P" in the herbaceous state and the current date into the herbaceous date. When the station is green, change the herbaceous state to "G" and the herbaceous date to the current date.


Using the 1988 models, what steps do I go through to change the seasons and put the station into greenup?
88 models - set the season code to spring and start bringing the greeness factors for both herbaceous and shrubs up, with the maximum being 20.


What steps do I need to do for station maintenance?
See WIMS* Technote 97-05.


How can I force the wet flag to show "Y" for wet fuels?
See WIMS* Technote 97-10.


How come am I not getting my forecasted indices?
Forecast Zone field may not be entered in the station catalog. Enter the Fire Weather Forecast Zone, this should fix the problem.
The observations may have been edited too late to be picked up by the National Weather Service.  


How long are the observations from WFMI/ASCADS (RAWS) data stored for?
Only the edited observation (changing the R to an O) is archived. in WIMS. for 36 months.


How do I know I am using the correct fuel model?
    See NFDRS Fuel Models.


What are the differences between the NFDRS Fuel models and fuel models for other programs (i.e. Behave, etc.).
    See Fuel Model Matrix.


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