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Fire Statistics


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What is Firestat?

The Fire Statistics System (FIRESTAT) is a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Forest Service (FS) application used to electronically enter, update, and delete required information on the Individual Fire Report (form FS-5100-29) as required by FSH 5109.14, the Individual Fire Report Handbook.  The data is stored in the National Interagency Fire Management Integrated Database (NIFMID) at the National Information Technology center (NITC) in Kansas City, Missouri.

The Individual Fire Report provides timely statistical data and information for both administrative purposes and managers to use in making land and resource management decisions.  The report is a record of fire occurrence, related fire behavior conditions, and the suppression actions taken by management.  Data collected from fire reports can enable management to monitor the program performance and plan the most cost-effective fire management organization.


Firestat Version 5.4 User Guide, November 17, 2003

Firestat Service Level Agreement, March 2003

Individual Wildland Fire Report Forms:

FS-5100-29   rtf format, 01/06/2000


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