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To download click on the link name, answer the questions and download the software or user guide.  The downloadable files are self-extracting files.  Adobe Acrobat Reader is required for the PDF formatted files. The Acrobat Reader is free of charge and may be downloaded at  If you have any questions please call the Fire Applications Helpdesk at (800) 253-5559.  


  • ICS (Incident Command System) Forms - November 2006
  • Individual Wildland Fire Report form, FS-5100-29, (1/6/00)

  • NFDRS documents written by Jim Brain (2/29/00):

    • NFDRS Calculations When Fuels are Covered With Snow

    • Annual NFDRS Startup for Season Stations

    • NFDRS Indicies - Why are they so high? One possible answer   

  • NFDRS Fuel Models - This file is in pdf format and very large, so it is best to right click the link, choose Save Target As and save to your hard drive. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this file.This file has pictures of the various Fuel Models.  These pictures are not designed to accurately describe in detail all the variations to be found but rather to be representative of the type of burning conditions to be expected in the area being classified during the normal wildland fire season. 
  • PNW Forms, August 23, 2000

  • Prescribed Fire Report form, FS-5100-29T, (1/6/2000) 


If you have questions, please contact  the Fire Applications Support Desk at or call us at 800-253-5559 or (208)387-5290.

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