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Total calls received by application

This chart displays the the calls that came into the Fire Applications Support Group from January 1999 - December 1999.  There were a total of 4,257 calls logged with 27% of those calls being about WIMS (Weather Informaiton Management System) vs 52% of the calls from WIMS last year.

WIMS - 27% of the calls received at the Helpdesk were WIMS calls.  The WIMS application is used by the wildland agencies (Forest Service, BLM, BIA, FWS, National Weather Service), state governments, county governments, local fire departments, education entities, and private interests.  The Fire Applications Support Group supports all WIMS users.

AMIS/Firestat - account for 8% of the total calls received in 1999.  Both applications are Forest Service applications and until recently both resided on the RS6000.   Firestat has recently been released as a client server package, much like ICBS and Redcard.

Communications - 13% of the calls received were about communication issues.  These issues includ FTP, WIMS connectivity, A2B and SimPC, Webterm, Netterm, KCFast, and FAMWEB.   We also provided troubleshooting for web browsers, modems, and assorted other communication problems.

FireFamily+ - This program replaced PCSeason and PCFirdat this past year.  The user community has been receiving training for this application in NFDRS sessions at all levels.  4% of the calls this year dealt with FireFamily+ issues and questions.

HUB - 6% of the calls received were regarding hubbed stations.  Hubbed stations are FTS stations that are called daily for the weather.  The weather is then loaded into WIMS.  This percentage does not include the number of calls that were placed from The Fire Applications Support Group to users regarding Hubbed stations.

ICBS - The Interagency Cache Business System (ICBS) was released in January 1999.  13% of the calls dealt with user issues and questions.

NFMAS - A suite of software packages (FORBS, IIAA99, PCHA, Fire Budget 2, RR5100-2) were released over the first 6 months of 1999.  6% of the calls received at the support desk dealt with one or more of these packages.

REDCARD - The Forest Service qualification software package was released in January 1999.  Although this software package had some initial problems, as users learned the software the number of calls has declined.  9% of the total calls dealt with Redcard.

SIT - The first web-based software package to be released by Fire and Aviation Management.  SIT is used to collect information for the National Situation Report.  As with any new application there was a learning curve at first.  Users learned quickly and only 5% of the total calls received by the Support Group were SIT calls.




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