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209 Program 

       The Incident Status Summary, Form ICS-209, is used for reporting information on incidents of significance.  This Program is based on the ICS-209 Form approved by the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) in June 2003.  The Incident Status Summary, also known as a “209”, should be completed according to the Geographic Area’s Mobilization Guide.  Accurate and timely completion of the Incident Status Summary is necessary to determine appropriate resource allocation during multiple incident occurrences.  The information included on the form often determines the priority of a given incident, and thus its share of the resources available. 

       A Web-based program called the 209 Program has been developed to allow for more efficient processing of the ICS-209 form.  The intent is for the information to be entered at the level closest to the incident—at an incident when possible, then at Dispatch Center, etc.  Once information has been submitted it can then be accessed and utilized at the local, geographic, and national levels.

       This Internet-based program can be accessed from the World Wide Web, and does not require any special type of connection other than internet access.  To utilize this program, a user must have been assigned a username with appropriate access.  Instructions for obtaining access and username information are explained in this User’s Guide in the “Log-on ID and Password” section.  In order to ensure that the information submitted  is as complete as possible, please follow the guidelines in this User’s Guide when completing or reviewing 209 forms for submission into this database.


209 User's Guide, March 2008





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