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Media Information

Purpose & Objective of the following information:

A high percentage of national and international media requests involve smokejumpers and smokejumper operations. The purpose of the following information is to provide a streamlined media request process that will enable our organization to respond effectively and efficiently to these types of requests.

This information is intended to inform media, Forest Service (FS) line officers, Smokejumper units and public affairs specialists about the preparation and planning necessary to facilitate a media request in a wildland fire situation. It is necessary for both FS personnel and news organizations to realize the detailed processes that are involved in honoring these requests; especially the time constraints under which the media operate, as well as the uncertain nature of fire season.

Prior to facilitating any request, media should be made aware of our agency's commitment to safety, adherence to safety policy, and the challenging logistics involved in capturing aspects of smokejumper missions.

Once these have been discussed, up-front with the media, the next step is identifying a single contact at the smokejumper unit level with a good media background and fire experience. This contact/liaison should coordinate the media request from beginning to end, including coordination with appropriate public affairs at the Region and Washington off ice level. While this may not always be possible, it is strongly recommended.



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PRIOR to the news group arriving on the scene, the following steps and issues must be addressed:

A Word to the Wise

Bureau of Land Management Smokejumpers



Health and Safety

Motion Picture Request

National Media Interview Request Form

Proper Clothing and Equipment

Photo and Video