Reporters and photographers arriving at the Smokejumper unit must be informed of any MANDATORY training (Standards for Survival/fire shelter, etc.) if they wish to go on fires. Some smokejumper bases offer a four-hour session; check with contacted smokejumper unit.

Media training is also periodically offered at other locations. Check with Regional Offices, the Washington Office and at the National Interagency Fire Center in Boise. Note that during fire season, training opportunities may be limited due to unavailable and/or commitment of personnel to fires.

Please contact John for more information on Training.

Proper Clothing and Equipment

Boots and other personal camping equipment should be purchased by the media group prior to arriving at the Smokejumper unit. The boots must be made out of leather and have 8" tops with a lug sole. Nomex and other required protective equipment will be provided by the Smokejumper unit. Because of the remoteness or inaccessibility of some wildfires, media should come prepared with personal items they may need for an extended stay.