National Media Interview Request Form

If the request/story is determined to be of national or international interest, coordination at smokejumper unit, Regional PAO, and Washington Office PAO must occur. National interest includes major television/cable networks, periodicals, publications, magazines, etc., or any medium which has the potential to extend regional boundaries of interest.

If the media story is of national scope a "National Media Interview Request Form" is filled out at the unit level, coordinated with the Regional Office and sent to the Washington Office via DG. The interview request, which is processed through the Washington Office from the Regional office, should be submitted as soon as the information is available. Approval or Disapproval may take eight hours to five days, so PLAN AHEAD!

NOTE: USDA-Forest Service Smokejumper Program is subject to USDA media guidelines. Department of Interior smokejumpers (BLM) are not subject to USDA guidelines. Most producers do not recognize that there is a difference between smokejumper unit affiliation, let alone Department media guidelines!