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Recruitment & Employment

The McCall Smokejumper Base is looking for well qualified wildland firefighters interested in becoming smokejumpers. Competition is extremely keen and candidates must be in sound physical health and be capable of performing arduous duties. Lists of qualified applicants are usually obtained in January and selected applicants receive an offer of employment around mid-February. Upon reporting for duty, applicants must satisfactorily complete five weeks of intensive training in parachute jumping, physical conditioning, and fire management. There are expanding opportunities for women and minorities in this field and applications from these groups are encouraged.

Employment period: Approximately May 21 to September 28

Entry grade level: GS-462-5

Recruitment period: Applications should be submitted or updated prior to December 12th in order to be considered in the initial hiring round. Vacancy Announcements are posted at the following website:


The Vacancy Announcement:

The Current Vacancy Announcement number for the temporary GS 5 smokejumper position for the upcoming 2013 season at the McCall Smokejumper base is:


We plan to request a referral list December 21st so if you are interested in applying for the upcoming 2013 season in McCall, you will need to apply to the current announcement.

Helpful Hints for Applying

  • You must indicate the base you are applying for.
  • Before submitting your application be sure that you have marked all boxes and check all basic qualifications on your application for correct answers.
  • If you are new to Smokejumping make sure you are applying for a GS-5 rookie Smokejumper position. If you have previous smokejumper experience you can apply for a GS-6 seasonal temporary Smokejumper position.
  • Make sure to supply your e-mail address on your application in order to receive confirmation of your application acceptance and any possible hiring correspondence.
  • Please include the optional smokejumper supplemental information form

Note: Smokejumper positions are not entry-level wildland firefighter positions.
You must submit all the required forms to be considered.

For questions contact the McCall Smokejumper Training Office:





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