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Smokejumper Aircraft

Utilizing a fleet of fixed wing aircraft including a Turbine DC-3, a Twin Otter, Dornier, Casa and a Shorts Sherpa, smokejumper and paracargo operations can reach anywhere in the country.

McCall's DC-3 "Retired in 2012"The Douglas DC-3TP is affectionately known to smokejumpers as the DOUG. The last Forest Service owned DC-3 aircraft received turbo prop conversions. The DC-3TP continues a long and proud tradition of supporting smokejumper and paracargo operations and has carried the fleet into the 21st century. The DC3-TP (J-15) is now based in Missoula. The Doug has a cruise speed of 190 knots providing an initial attack range of 570 nautical miles from the base of operation. Standard configuration includes 12 smokejumpers, two day supply of food and water, a variety of firefighting equipment including chainsaws, a portable pump, hose, and first aid supplies.

Twin Otter surrounded by Thundercells.The DH-6 300 series Twin Otter is a Short-Take-Off-and-Landing (STOL) aircraft ideal for demanding smokejumper missions in the back country. The Twin Otter has a cruise speed of 150 knots, providing an initial attack capability of eight smokejumpers with a two day supply of food, water, and firefighting supplies within a range of 340 nautical miles from the base of operation. The STOL capability of this aircraft enables it to operate from more primitive landing fields. The US Forest Service has three of these aircraft based at McCall, two agency Twin Otters and a Contracted One.


Shorts Sherpa C-23, Dornier, and Casa aircraft are also used for the delivery of smokejumpers and their cargo. They are also used to transport paracargo and equipment.

Dornier aircraft Sherpa aircraft Casa aircraft