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To be considered, applicants must have one year of general experience (i.e. related college work, forestry or range work, etc.), plus one season of experience in wildland fire.

Minimum fitness requirements include the ability to complete the following:
7 pull-ups, 25 push-ups, 45 sit-ups, a pack test (carrying 110 pounds over a 3-mile flat course), and a 1.5-mile run in under 11 minutes. Additional standards may also apply.

Photo of a smokejumper learning tree climbing skills.Terms of Employment

First-year smokejumpers are on probationary status. They are hired at the GS-5 level (approximately $10/hour). Employment usually lasts from early June to late September, at smokejumpers work a minimum of 40 hours per week. Government quarters are available at Redmond, though space may be limited.

How to Apply

An announcement of job openings for the next season and an explanation of the current requirements for hiring will be available around October each year. The announcement remains open through November. To check details, contact Redmond Smokejumper Base Operations.

If you wish to be considered for other Forest Service jobs in Region 6 (Washington/Oregon), you must contact that forest or base and apply under each unit's seasonal employment program. Information regarding this procedure is available at any Forest Service office.

Region 6 base contact:

Tony Johnson -- Redmond Smokejumper Training Manager -- (541) 504-7200.