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Image of the Forest Service  Smokejumper logo.A Mission for Smokejumpers

Smokejumpers are primarily front line resources for suppressing our nation's wildland fires. During the fire season, typically May through October, many smokejumpers are on alert -- ready for fire assignment at a moment's notice. By air or by land, smokejumpers respond to any fire by the most effective and efficient means available. Of course, they're best known for their ability to parachute out of airplanes to reach the fire.

Once on the ground, smokejumpers typically work a fire from size-up through mop-up, and then pack themselves and their equipment out to the nearest road or trailhead to be picked up and transported back to base. Jumpers are single resources -- they may be dispatched in numbers from two to 20 or more, depending on the need and size of the fire.

When smokejumpers are not out on fire assignments, they keep busy at their home base. From workouts required to meet fitness requirements to equipment maintenance, parachute rigging and the design and manufacture of specialty equipment, to there is plenty to do! Smokejumpers adhere to high standards and are proud of their long history of hard work and determination. Classroom and practical courses on fire-related topics are part of a smokejumper's continuing education as firefighters.