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Redmond IHC Training

Training Concepts and Goals

The program's goal is to present fire suppression and fuels management subjects in the classroom, on the fireline, and in the field - through direct experience. The goal of this employee development program is to structure a high quality learning experience for motivating career employees, who are recruited from the Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Department of Natural Resource, Oregon Department of Forestry, National Park Service, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, and other wildland agencies to handle supervisory positions in fire management. The crew is headquartered at the Pacific Northwest Training Center, which includes three 13-person dormitories and two fully-equipped classrooms.

Physical Conditioning

All selected candidates will be expected to report to duty capable of performing the following:
  • Pack test (45 lbs., 3 miles, 45 min.)
  • The 11/2-mile run in less than 11 minutes 40 seconds
  • Pull-ups to fitness and work capacity standards
  • 25 push-ups
  • 45 sit-ups

Emphasis is placed on a daily Classroomexercise routine, including warming up, stretching, and running. Aerobic fitness is stressed, and all crewmembers will make a three to five mile run. This fitness program will begin the first day of work and continue every day - unless assigned to a fire - until the crew is released from duty.




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Formal Training

The intention of the training program is to develop employee skills for supervisory and fireline positions. Individual training plans will be prepared for each crewmember to determine actual training needs. Targeted training will include those courses leading to the Single Resource Boss, Crew Boss position and other specialty positions in the ICS organization, dependent on the crewmember's background and career objectives.

The recommended time required to conduct each course will be used as a guide,Classroom sandtable but will vary by the knowledge level of the trainees. Instruction is designed for complete subject coverage, but course content will be geared to the individual trainee. The hotshot program is committed to both the trainee and the sending unit, to provide a basic training curriculum regardless of fire season severity. The trainee can expect to complete a majority of the scheduled courses.

In addition to formal instruction, on-the-job training is given first priority by crew supervisors during fire suppression and prescribed burning assignments.

For more information on the Redmond IHC,
e-mail Michael Muehlbauer