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Redmond IHC Recruitment
  Target Audience

Co-op professional trainees, fire management technicians, forestry technicians, new hires and career employees. There are 12 slots for Forest Service employees and four for other agency candidates.

Area of Consideration

The priority for selection is candidates from the Pacific Northwest Area Forest Service, National Park Service, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Department of Natural Resource, Oregon Department of Forestry, Bureau of Land Management, and Bureau of Indian Affairs. Interested candidates from other Geographic Areas may apply and will be considered if slots are available.

Prerequisite Qualifications &

All candidates must:

  • Have career or career-conditional status with the Forest Service or other resource protection agency. Co-op students may apply.
  • Express a desire for career development in the field of Fire Management or Forest Resource Management.
  • Have at least one season of general forestry experience.
  • Be a qualified firefighter ll with a current Fire Qualifications card.
  • Be in good physical condition.

Physical Conditioning

All selected candidates will be expected to report to duty capable of performing the following:

  • Pack test (45 lbs., 3 miles, 45 min.)
  • The 1-mile run in less than 11 minutes 40 seconds
  • Pull-ups to fitness and work capacity standards
  • 25 push-ups
  • 45 sit-ups

Photo of Hotshots on a daily fitness routine.Emphasis is placed on a daily exercise routine, including warming up, stretching, and running. Aerobic fitness is stressed, and all crewmembers will make a three-to-five mile run. This fitness program will begin the first day of work and continue every day - unless assigned to a fire - until the crew is released from duty.





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Redmond IHC Hiring

Redmond Interagency Hotshot Crew Training Opportunity
Fire Leadership Training - Career Development

Recruiting Announcement for
2013 Fire Season
is now


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Chris Buhrig
(Acting Superintendent):

(541) 504-7350



Redmond Air Center
Attn: Redmond Hotshot Crew
1740 SE Ochoco Way
Redmond, OR 97756