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Image of the Redmond Hotshots logo.Redmond Hotshot History

The Redmond Hotshot Crew was the first interregional fire suppression crew. Established by the Forest Service Washington Office in August 1960, this crew functioned as a regular Type I hotshot crew with temporary members from 1960 through 1980. In 1981 the crew was converted to a developmental training detail crew. California's Redding Hotshot Crew was the first to use developmental detail training for permanent employees assigned to an IHC - it was established in 1967. The number of applicants, though, far exceeded the slots. The program's popularity - along with a 1977 fire fatality of an AFMO in the state of Washington - supported the establishment of a detail crew in the Pacific Northwest.

Organizational Structure

Crew-ArizonaThe Redmond Interagency Hotshot Crew is permanently staffed with four positions. A GS-462-9 Superintendent coordinates training classes, instructors, instructing and training assignments on both fuels and wildland fire assignments, and overall management of the detail training program. A GS-462-8 Assistant Superintendent is responsible for supervision of the crew on fire and fuels assignments, and assists in instructing courses and coordinating classes. Two GS-462-6 Squad Leaders mentor squad leader trainees and assists in instructing courses and coordinating classes.

The people in these overhead positions serve as suppression, prescribed fire and training Specialists assigned to the Pacific Northwest Training Group at the Redmond Air Center, and are supervised by a GS-11 Supervisory Training Specialist.