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Redmond IHC Fire & Prescribed Fire Assignments

Fire suppression assignments provide the detailer with a wide range of fire and fuels experience, and also provide wildland fire agencies a safe, efficient, and professional wildland firefighting team.Photo of the Redmond Hots digging a fireline.The crew's primary function on assignments is to construct and hold fireline. The crew is assigned to as many large fires as possible, which ensures their exposure to a variety of fuel types, fire behavior conditions, organizational structures, and geographical/functional job positions. The number of dispatches varies from year to year, but most fires will be of class D size (100-299 acres) or larger. This gives the crew considerable exposure to large fire operations. One season on this crew is thus comparable to about five seasons of experience on a district suppression crew.

Interagency hotshot crews respond nationally (and occasionally internationally) to fire and/or emergency assignments. These assignments are frequently under adverse conditions and extremely hazardous situations. The crew is available for non-fire incidents such as search and rescue and other non-fire disasters, which gives trainees more experience with the ICS organization and its versatility.



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Prescribed fire curriculum and practical experience has been added to the program. This dedicated prescribed fire training takes place six weeks prior to suppression season, April through mid May.

Classroom curriculum includes, but is not limited to; S-234 Ignition operations, prescribe fire safety, Fuels Inventory/Debris Prediction, Smoke Management, Burn Plan Preparation, etc.

Practical field experience is in many different fuel models across region 6. Field experience include trainee positions for Burn Boss, Ignition Specialist, Holding Boss and monitoring assignments.

Florida assignment - click here for more.

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