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Recruitment and Qualifications

The detail is budgeted to begin in early April each year and terminate in mid-October (or at the end of fire season, depending on each year's fire severity level).

Being an Interagency Hotshot Crew member means traveling nationwide and working under adverse conditions and hazardous situations. It is not unusual to be away from NCSC on fires for 21 days at a time. A person should give serious consideration to this and the overall duration of the detail before applying.

Currently, applicants must have a career or career-conditional appointment, minimum Red Card qualification of "Firefighter (FFT2)," and have one season of fire experience or the equivalent. Apprentice candidates are encouraged to apply, but must be a graduate of the Basic Academy by the start date of the program. Candidates will be accepted from any series and grade. Program participants are considered nationwide from the U.S. Forest Service and other federal, state or local fire agencies.

Physical requirements include satisfactory completion of the Pack Test, which consists of walking three miles on flat ground with 45 pounds in 45 minutes. If selected, candidates must meet this requirement on day one or be returned to their home units. For an example of a comprehensive fitness program visit the FireFit website: www.nifc.gov/FireFit/index.htm.

Candidates must be able to perform fireline duties at the arduous level. (Ref. F.S. Handbook 6100-9.12)

To qualify, applicants must meet ALL of the following criteria:

Career/Career-Conditional or Coop Student status, with the Federal Government or other resource management agency. (Apprentices must be graduates of the Basic Academy by the program start date)

A minimum Red Card qualification of "Firefighter" (FFT2).

Image of the Redding Interagency Hotshot's logo.

Redding Interagency Hotshot Crew Leadership Development Program

2016 Announcement

Redding Interagency Hotshot
Crew Leadership
Development Program
Fire Leadership Training - Career
Development Opportunity

Issued: September 3, 2015
                                                      Closes: December 1, 2015

(pdf file)

If you have questions regarding this program, please contact either:

Patrick Bell (Captain)

Charles Barber (Captain) 530-226-2722

Teresa Miller (Squad Leader) 530-226-2726

2015 Accomplishment Report