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Prineville IHC Training

Prineville Interagency Hotshot logoThe Prineville Hotshots go through a minimum of 80 hours of training before becoming available for fire assignments. In addition, all the permanent employees and some of the temporary employees take various wildland fire, prescribed fire, fireline leadership and miscellaneous training courses during the fall and spring. Classes and field exercises for the 80 hours of minimum training include:
  • PIHC's Standard Operating Procedures
  • Fire Weather
  • Firing Methods and Techniques
  • Basic ICS
  • Power Saws
  • Line Construction
  • Air Operations
  • Urban Interface Tactics
  • Initial Attack Tactics
  • Pump and Water Use
  • Fire Shelter Use
  • Basic First Aid
  • Fireline Tactics
  • Map and Compass
  • Tool Use

Physical Training

Being part of an interagency hotshot crew requires that each individual be in excellent physical condition to meet and exceed the demands of the job. The basic requirement is to pass the arduous level of the Forest Service Work Capacity Test. Passing "arduous" requires a three-mile hike on flat terrain with a 45 pound pack in 45 minutes or less.

Photo of very important training in Alaska - boot drying 101. In addition, each person on the Prineville IHC takes part in the "Fit to Work" on the first day of work. They include the following: at the end of the training the crew takes part in the Prineville Memorial 10K run. Returning Prineville crewmembers put a great deal of time and effort into pre-season conditioning, so they return to work in excellent condition and ready to perform their duties at the high level expected. The same would be expected of any Prineville IHC candidates, and would be considered a part of their professionalism and dedication to our mission.

Our physical training includes a wide variety of activities to help maintain the high level of physical fitness each crewmember is expected to have. Runs of three to seven miles, power hikes, weight training, flexibility training, cardiovascular games, circuit training are all incorporated in our physical training. During the months of April through September, a membership at a local health club in Prineville is secured for each Prineville crewmember. Extra attention to physical training is encouraged outside of normal work hours.

For more information on the Prineville IHC- E-mail Brendan O'Reilly