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Prineville IHC Recruitment


The qualities we have found over the years to be successful as a Prineville Hotshot are an excellent work ethic, willingness to work within team concept, responsibility and maturity, a high degree of honesty and integrity, physical and emotional strength and stamina. People, who show intelligence, initiative, are supportive, helpful and respectful to everyone and sacrifice some of their personal needs for group ones have always gotten more back from their experiences than they have given.

If you are interested in becoming a Prineville Hotshot and feel you would be successful and enjoy working within the system described, the best times to make contact are in the fall and early winter. Prineville crewmembers are often used in the spring and fall burning seasons, so most of the hiring needs to be done before the spring burning season in order for the crew to be available. Also, we are available to go to wildland incidents in the spring as well.

Our preference is to have potential crew members with two to three seasons of wildland fire experience. Although qualities such as work ethic, intelligence, initiative, responsibility, honesty and integrity can out-weigh previous experience.


For more information on applying to the Prineville IHC, call 541-416-6614/6579.

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-- How to Apply ---

Each season, the Prineville Hotshots seek quality employees to fill crewmember positions through USAJOBS. To apply for positions, you MUST submit an application through this process.

For Employment Information:

You can also call or search the internet for more information on employment at the following sites:

If applicants apply to more than one crew and are hired, please notify the Superintendents, and/or hiring officials if you no longer wish to be considered for other positions. This is beneficial to both the applicants and superintendents. A note, postcard, or phone call can save time, paperwork and hassle on both ends. Thanks!