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2007 Season

End of the Year party, Great Falls, MT.
Spring P.T. hike on the rocky Mountain Front.
Crossing Straight Creek during a spring P.T. hike.
Pulled back - from the Madison Arm fire in West Yellowstone, Mt.
Jet boat shuttle up the Salmon River outside of Riggins, ID  to the Raines fire.
Skyland fire, near Glacier National Park, MT.
Warming up with the morning sun, Brush Creek fire near Kalispell, MT
Milford Flat fire in southern Utah.

Video Clip

Crew Shuttle into meadow, Wicked-Hicks fire south of
Livingston. MT

Video Clip

Inside look, taking off meadow, Wicked-Hicks fire

Video Clip

Outside look of take off

2007 Lewis and Clark Hotshots

Position Individual
Superintendent Mike Noel
Assistant Superintendent Chris Smith
Squad Leader Alex Brooks
Squad Leader Chris Waverek
Squad Leader Vacant
Senior Firefighter Kelly Franklin
Senior Firefighter William Knudsen
Senior Firefighter Sean Wildhaber
Senior Firefighter Jake Milkovitz
Crewmember Dominique Colberg
Crewmember Brandon Deadmond
Crewmember Zack Ford
Crewmember Jeremy Gregory
Crewmember Ben Hornsby
Crewmember Stephen Latham
Crewmember Darren Marks
Crewmember Trevor McConchie
Crewmember James Muir
Crewmember Davis Oatway
Crewmember Zach Phillips
Crewmember Jessica Urick
Crewmember Vance Weckworth