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Idaho Panhandle IHC Recruitment

Hotshot work is seasonal, the period of employment generally extending from the first week of May through the end of September for the Idaho Panhandle crew. Pre- and post-season work may be available, depending on the weather Idaho Panhandle Hotshot oberving fire behavior.and funding.

The Idaho Panhandle Hotshots provide firefighters with the best equipment, support, and training possible. Accordingly, we seek only the best people. Applicants with strong character - those who treat others with respect, demonstrate a high level of personal responsibility - are encouraged to apply. All applicants must also be in excellent physical condition to meet the demands of the arduous work performed by hotshots.

Idaho Panhandle Hotshots backfiring.A job on the Idaho Panhandle Hotshot Crew requires a high level of commitment to the crew and a positive attitude. While the regimentation and high degree of organization required on a hotshot crew may be too restrictive for some people, this structure is imperative for safety and accountability. Conduct, uniform and grooming policies are part of the crew's standard operating procedures. The crew is always on call, and personal travel on days off is restricted by the need for all crew members to be available for rapid emergency response throughout the fire season.




--- How to apply ---

To apply for a position you MUST submit an application through USAJOBS.

If applicants apply to more than one crew and are hired, please notify the superintendents and/or hiring officials if you no longer wish to be considered for other positions. This is beneficial to both the applicants and superintendents. A note, postcard, or phone call can save time, paperwork and hassle on both ends. Thanks!

More information on employment with the Forest Service is also available on the Forest Service employment web site.

If you have any further questions contact:
Chris Smith, Superintendent 208-765-7405 or email at christophersmith@fs.fed.us


Ryan Nipp, Asst. Superintendent 208-765-7239 or email at rnipp@fs.fed.us