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Helena IHC Recruitment

The fire season for the Helena IHC begins early-May and extends to early October. Crewmembers must be able to commit themselves to this full time period. This is not a job to be taken lightly. It demands nothing but the best a person has to offer. We are a team and rely on every member to have a positive attitude and a dedication to the work we do.

See "How to Apply" for hiring information.




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--- How to apply ---

Each season, the Helena Interagency Hotshots seek quality employees to fill crewmember positions through USAJOBS. To apply for positions, you MUST submit an application through this process.

For Employment Information:

You cancall or write for more information on employment at the following numbers:

Helena IHC contact: Fred Thompson (Superintendent) at (406) 495-3921 or by email fredthompson@fs.fed.us


Nick Schreiner (Assistant Superintendent) (406) 449-3951 or by email nschreiner@fs.fed.us.

If applicants apply to more than one crew and are hired, please notify the superintendents and/or hiring officials if you no longer wish to be considered for other positions. This is beneficial to both the applicants and superintendents. A note, postcard, or phone call can save time, paperwork and hassle on both ends. Thanks!