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Elk Mountain IHC Physical Training Program
Elk Mountain Hotshots logo.Physical Training

Physical conditioning is a vital part of both wildland firefighting and the Elk Mountain IHC program. A high level of physical fitness is an absolute necessity in order to maintain both crew safety and efficiency. The Elk Mountain IHC Physical Training Program is constructed around maintaining a high level of fitness through aerobic, strength, endurance, and stretching exercises.

As mandated by the Interagency Hotshot Crew Operations Guide, each crew member will be required to participate in at least 1 hour of structured physical training per day, 5 days per week. The minimum will be one hour, but often lasts up to four hours. The physical training facilities include a weight room, miles of roads on which to run, and numerous trails for hiking.

Each member of the Elk Mountain IHC should arrive on the first day of work in top physical condition. A physical evaluation will be conducted on the first day of work which consists of the pack test, sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups, and bar dips. As a condition of continued hire, every member of the Elk Mountain IHC will be required to hike 3 miles with a 45-pound pack in under 45 minutes.

The first day of work is the easiest day of physical training and the real work begins thereafter.

Formal Training

It is mandated that all members of IHCs be required to participate in the Annual Fireline Safety Refresher training before their first assignment each fire season. The Annual Fireline Safety Refresher is 80 hours combined of both classroom and field exercises.

In addition to annual fire training, the supervisors present additional training courses in the S-200 level and above to crew members in order to further the career development of each individual. Courses are presented as time permits at the discretion of the Superintendent.


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