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Elk Mountain Hotshots logoHotshot Crews are diverse teams of 20 members who uphold a tradition of excellence. There are 18 throughout Northern California. Their core values of “duty, integrity, and respect” have earned Hotshot crews an excellent reputation as elite teams of multi-skilled professional firefighters.

Who can apply?

Any U.S. citizen, 18 years of age. Selected candidates will have to successfully pass a physical fitness pack test and may be required to take a drug test. Pay rates and benefits? $12.53 – $15.74 per hour (GS-3 thru GS-5). Salary rates may differ based on location. Selected candidates are eligible for vacation and sick leave. Firefighters are paid an hourly rate. Hourly rates can be substantially increased by extra pay for overtime and hazardous-duty assignments. Overtime hours worked is paid at 1.5 times the hourly rate. Under some circumstances, firefighters also receive an extra hazardous duty pay equal to 25% of the hourly rate. Firefighters provide their own subsistence while at their home duty station. The Forest Service pays, or reimburses, living expense allowances when firefighters are on a fire or project assignment away from their home duty stations known as Per Diem. Housing options such as barracks are available at a nominal cost to the employee. All barracks facilities provide cooking, bathing, washing, and sleeping areas.

Tour of Duty?

Firefighters generally have a standard 5 day work week, 40 hours per week, with 2 days off. Scheduled days off are often cancelled due to fire emergencies and overtime in excess of 400 hours including being gone from the home duty station over 100 days during the 6 month fire season is not uncommon.

If applicants apply to more than one crew and are hired, please notify the superintendents and/or hiring officials if you no longer wish to be considered for other positions. This is beneficial to both the applicants and superintendents. A note, postcard, or phone call can save time, paperwork and hassle on both ends. Thanks!

For any questions please contact us.







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