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Section 306(a)

(7) As used in this title, the terms "rural" and "rural area" shall not include any area in any city or town which has a population in excess of ten thousand inhabitants, except that (A) for the purpose of loans for essential community facilities under subsection (a)(1) of this section, the terms "rural" and "rural area" may include any area in any city or town that has a population not in excess of twenty thousand inhabitants; and (B) for purposes of loans and grants for private business enterprises under sections 304(b), 310B and 312(b), (c), and (d) the terms "rural" and "rural area" may include all territory of a State that is not within the outer boundary of any city having a population of fifty thousand or more and its immediately adjacent urbanized and urbanizing areas with a population density of more than one hundred persons per square mile, as determined by the Secretary of Agriculture according to the latest decennial census of the United States: Provided, that special consideration for such loans and grants shall be given to areas other than cities having a population of more than twenty-five thousand.
As amended 12/22/81
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