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FEPP Success Stories - South Carolina

"... Still Serving the American Taxpayer!"

South Carolina Forestry Commission

The South Carolina Forestry Commission FEPP Program; in cooperation with the US Forest Service, Federal Excess Personal Property (FEPP) program; shows off one of the three Wildland Trucks assigned to the Alligator Fire District!

From the Chief…When we first brought these trucks to McBee, SC some of our members questioned what we were going to do with these pieces of junk. I told them that these were just old piece's of coal right now but one day they would be diamonds. I think this is true. The first time we used one of these trucks was on a field fire that was moving at a rapid rate toward some structures. Due to the sandy conditions, the Wildland trucks were the only pieces of apparatus that we could use to attack the advancement of the fire. After that, the same people who originally criticized these trucks in the beginning, stated that they were well worth the effort to put them into service.


Photo of Alligator Fire District Logo

Alligator Fire District is located in Chesterfield County in the McBee, SC area. Founded in 1986, Alligator Fire District is serviced by 5 stations strategically placed throughout the coverage area.

Link to the Alligator Fire District website

Photo of Wildland Truck #5 with Alligator Mascot

Wildland Truck #5 at the Bethune Chicken Strut Parade with Alligator Mascot.

Alligator Fire District Station #1.
Station #1 is located in McBee, South Carolina and houses one of the three Wildland Trucks that came from the FEPP program.


Contact your state FEPP Manager or State Forester with questions or comments concerning the FEPP program.


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These converted military trucks allow firefighter access to areas to fight woods and brush fires that were not accessible in the past.

Wildland Truck #5 Photo Alligator Fire District (AFD) Wildland Truck #5

This truck is a 1972 military 2 1/2 ton, diesel engine, straight drive transmission, all wheel drive, 1200 gallon SS tank and 8" square dump (either side) designed and fabricated by Doug McLeod, Camden, SC. Decals by Stripe-It of Florence, Lights and reflective striping by Will Porter and Ricky Williamson (AFD).

Photo of Wildland Truck #5

CET Pump 300 GPM with discharge header for 2-1/2, 1-1/2 and 1" , 18HP gas Honda engine, intake is 2-1/2 inch.

Photo of Wildland Truck #5 back view