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FEPP Success Stories - Oregon

"... Still Serving the American Taxpayer!"

Oregon Department of Forestry

Douglas Forest Patrol, a subsidiary of the Oregon Department of Forestry continues to make the best use of every piece of FEPP equipment that is issued to their organization. This series of pictures depicts the reuse of a tank that was slated for disposal, but instead became the center piece for a unique fire fighting piece of equipment.

A normal helitack crew consists of the contracted Helicopter, a two or more person crew and the helicopter bucket. By adding the portable tank, another resource has been added to the capabilities of the helitack crew by replacing or supplementing the conventional 5 gallon "FEDCO"* water bags with a supply of 150 gallons of water, a small pump and tools for mop up, all contained in a compact unit.

Photo of surplus galvanized tank.
The galvanized tank that came from a type 7 engine that was being decommissioned.

Photo of painted and modified tank.
Inspection, paint and modification of the removable lid plus adding the tool box and the external frame.
(Note the large knobs that allow the crew to remove the lid without taking off their gloves).

Photo of tank being flown in.
The entire unit can be flown into place with a light category helicopter.

Photo of a 125 gallon bucket filling the tank.
After the tank is flown in, the crew attaches the compact pump and requests the tank to be filled with a 125 gallons of water from the helicopter bucket.

Contact your state FEPP Manager or State Forester with questions or comments concerning the FEPP program.


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