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FEPP Success Stories - Oregon
"... Still Serving the American Taxpayer!"

Oregon Department of Forestry

Photo of the front view of the Glendale, OR type 6 engine.

This EX-USFS type 6 engine had ingested volcanic, pumice dust when the plastic air cleaner housing had developed a fracture that was not visible to the operator, consequently the truck was schedule to be decommissioned because of the extent of the motor damage. I took the truck in to the FEPP program assuming we would cannibalized the pumping package and re-use that portion of the truck and excess the chassis. When the truck arrived in the Salem ODF FEPP yard, it was very obvious the motor would need to be overhauled, excessive smoke and internal noises confirmed the previous diagnosis.

After contacting several fire departments that had diesel mechanics as volunteers, I had come to a dead-end. They were interested in the truck, but either did not have the time or the funding to take on the motor overhaul, let alone funding the painting and refurbishing the truck.

Randy Leming from the Douglas Forest Patrol found an RFD that was willing to spend some time and money to bring the truck up to operational level. Between the engine overhaul, painting of the truck and the winch installation, the RFD spent a total of about 10K to 15K of their budget. A group of dedicated volunteers donated their time to see the project finished.

If the fire department had to purchase the truck new, the cost would have been $75,000, thus saving the tax payers $60,000 to $65,000 and adding another resource ready to assist ODF during the wild fire season in Oregon.

Photo of the back view of the Glendale, OR type 6 engine.Photo of the side view of Glendale, OR type 6 engine.


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