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FEPP Success Stories - New Jersey

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New Jersey Forest Fire Service

The New Jersey Forest Fire Service (FFS) is charged with protecting more than 3.2 million acres from wildland fires and suppresses more than 1,200 wildland fires annually. They also treat hazardous fuels with prescribed fire to prevent wildfires or lessen their severity.

The agency uses a variety of tools to protect the citizens of New Jersey. With rising population and development, the job is becoming increasingly costly and complex. It can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to acquire and equip its employees with specialized fire equipment.



Photo of New Jersey wildland truck before it was refurbished.

In 2008, the New Jersey FFS acquired a truck formerly used for setting telephone poles. They removed the truck’s utility body and installed a used firefighting unit. They then constructed and installed a 500-gallon aluminum tank, 200-gallon per minute pump, hose reel, and associated plumbing.

The New Jersey FFS used in-house resources to convert and modify the vehicle at a modest cost of about $3,000.

Photo of New Jersey wildland truck



Photo of Wildland Truck

The truck is a versatile wildland engine that can also tow a tractor plow for initial fire attack and prescribed fire projects. Because the conversion was completed in-house, it resulted in a major savings for the Forest Fire Service and the State of New Jersey; a new modified vehicle would have cost the State more than $100,000. The New Jersey FFS now has the use of equipment and apparatus it could not afford to purchase with State funding.

The unit can now provide a crucial supply of water where no other source is available.

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