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FEPP Success Stories - Mississippi

"... Still Serving the American Taxpayer!"

Mississippi Forestry Commission

The basic truck was loaned to us by the Mississippi Forestry Commission. The project was headed by Alan Haney with help from several volunteer firefighters and local businesses. The project took about 3 months to complete. This vehicle has become a very versatile piece of equipment for our fire department.


* 1000 gal tank - removed from a salvaged military tanker.

* 350 gpm pump - controlled from cab

* Bumper mounted spray nozzles - controlled from the cab.

* 150' booster hose on the back that can either be operated while riding on the back or pulled off for spot fighting

* 2-1/2" suction port for filling from ponds or dry hydrants

* 2-1/2" discharge for filling vehicles not designed to access off-road fill sites.

* 10" dump valve allows for quick unloads to dump tanks

* 4" tank connection allows us to unload directly to a pumper's tank refill. We can also quickly fill the truck from a pressurized hydrant using this connection.

* PTO winch

The total costs of equipping the truck including lightbar, siren, radio, strobe lights, and work lights was less than $6000.00.

The Wren Fire Dept has been in service to the community since 1978. The dept started with one truck and no place to put it. The area of responsibility for the dept covers approximately 85 square miles of rural area, 1200 homes, and 18 small businesses. Over the years, with the help of a lot of people in the community and a lot of begging and just plain worrying nearby businesses with the capacity to help (sometimes for 3-4 years), the fire dept now has 1 main station and 2 satellite stations, 3 pumpers, 3 tankers, a mini-pumper/brush truck, and the newest addition is the wildlands firefighter in the photos. We are in the process of putting together a rescue vehicle. Starting with an ambulance donated by the regional medical center after years of bugging them for one, we plan to equip it with extrication and rescue equipment and EMR supplies including and AED already owned by the department. The fire department just recently obtained a Class 9 rating for the community. It has approximately 25 volunteer firefighters and EMRs. We operate on a very low funding budget of about $11,000.00 per year about half of which comes from state insurance rebates and the rest from the local fire district millage. Fund raising projects help to buy and equip vehicles and firefighters. The fire department makes about 250 runs per year. Approximately 90 of those are fire related the rest are EMR and MVA calls. Forest fires usually average 40 per year. The new wildlands vehicle will be used as the primary responder for grass and forest fires but will also be used as a tanker for water shuttles to structure fires.

Wren Volunteer Fire Dept
Hwy 45 N
Aberdeen, MS

From rags to richly-painted and equipped functionality!

Photo of truck before refurbishment.

Photo of Wren truck in front of FD. Photo of Wren truck, side view. Photo of Wren truck, back view. Photo of Wren truck in action. Photo of inside cab of Wren truck.


Contact your state FEPP Manager or State Forester with questions or comments concerning the FEPP program.


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