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FEPP Success Stories - Massachusettes

"... Still Serving the American Taxpayer!"

Massachusettes Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), in cooperation with the United States Forest Service Federal Excess Personal Property (FEPP) program, made a wise choice in assigning some heavy equipment to the Town of Cummington.


Photo of Town of Cummington logo.

The Town of Cummington has been called on many times within 4 counties to assist communities in clearing roads, installing dry hydrants, grading roads, provide lighting systems, generators, and hauling gravel.

Cummington to date has been able to install two dry hydrants in areas of the town where there is no flowing water source. One site provides water for wild land fire fighting around a government radar site located on a remote mountain top and, provides water for structural fire fighting to a large dairy farm in the area as well as the National Historic Monument, The William Cullen Bryant homestead. To install this hydrant the local Fire dept. enlisted the assistance of several area firefighters to augment local resources and to operate the FEPP property used in the project. The entire project took two, three-day weekends and used three five-ton dump trucks, a D-7 dozer, a 2-1/2 yard bucket loader, a crane drag line, and a smaller dozer from a local source. Nearly 500 yards of material were removed from the pond. Altogether, Cummington assisted in installing 3 more dry hydrants in other communities!

Winter months keep Cummington Fire Department busy as well. Many of the roads in the 4 county area get impassible due to the severe winters. The Town of Savoy contacted the town of Cummington to have Cummington provide a FEPP snow blower to open roads in Savoy after a particularly heavy series of winter storms hit the rural community. Cummington spent two days opening and widening Savoy’s roads to provide access for Fire, Police and other emergency access equipment.

Cummington has been called to provide FEPP dozers and 1,200 gallon tankers to several wild land fires in western MA. One such fire was in Hadley MA while another was in the Knightville Dam section of Huntington MA where some campers left a camp fire unattended which spread into the forest. In both instances the FEPP tanker Cummington provided was a reconditioned military fuel truck, all wheel drive, which was the only piece of local firefighting equipment that could navigate the terrain. The other local forest fire equipment was newer apparatus on commercial chassis that simply was not built to work in such rugged environments.

Another useful apparatus is the FEPP Digger Derrick truck which has a bucket which is used to reach chimneys during chimney fire season to avoid having Firefighters climbing on slippery roofs and risk falling off.

Over the years, some of the items that Cummington Fire Departments has been able to acquire include FEPP generators, 3 five ton dump trucks, a D7 dozer , a 2 1/2 yard Hough Yard Loader, a 2,100 watt Lighting Tower, a "Jumping Jack", and a Tractor Trailer to haul the D7 Dozer.

As Quoted by Todd LaFleur, State FEPP Program Manager, " I believe these examples amplify what the Federal Excess Personal Property (FEPP) stands-for and how rural fire departments can be supported via this great program!"

Contact your state FEPP Manager or State Forester with questions or comments concerning the FEPP program.


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