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FEPP Success Stories - Iowa

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Iowa Department of Natural Resources Forestry

Stanley is a small town (population: 125) in northeastern Iowa which needs to keep their all-volunteer fire department equipped and trained for both structural and rural firefighting.

The small community of Stanley has utilized the FEPP program to its advantage. The VFD was in need of a tanker truck for hauling water to both structural and wildland fires.



Photo of original dump truck.

The Iowa Forest Service acquired the truck and the town arranged for its transport to Stanley. Members of the community and fire department used fire department funds to convert the dump truck into a tanker.

This 1988 Diesel, Automatic 4x4 had 26,000 miles and was in very good condition. The town of Stanly purchased a used aluminum flatbed for $1,200 and spent approximately $500 widening it. A local grant of $700 went toward the $1,500 cost of the two new equipment boxes; a $3,500 Forestry grant went towards the cost of the pump; and a Department of Homeland Security grant paid for the emergency lights and radio. The 600 gallon water tank was also acquied throught the FEPP program and a grant from the Iowa Forest Service provided the water pump for the tank. The total cost to the Stanley Volunteer Fire Department was approximately $2,500.

Photo of Iowa tanker, back view



Photo of Wildland Truck

Through the Federal Excess Personal Property Program, useable government equipment and vehicles are available to communities that will greatly benefit from it. Stanley has been able to obtain vehicles and equipment worth more than $3 million that it would not have otherwise been able to acquire on its annual fire department budget of approximately $12,000. The community has also been assisting other towns in Iowa in the acquisition of vehicles and equipment.

Stanley has recently acquired commercial fitness equipment that will be used to improve the fitness of its firefighters. The federal government recently highlighted that heart attacks are a leading cause of death for firefighters and allows the acquisition of fitness equipment within the program.

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