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FEPP Success Stories - North Carolina
"... Still Serving the American Taxpayer!"

North Carolina Division of Forestry

Photo of the Oak Hill, NC 500 gallon brush truck, side view.Photo of the Oak Hill, NC 500 gallon brush truck, front view.

Innovation can be defined in different ways to different people. While some view innovation in terms of modernization, others view it as taking any action to improve upon a current situation. In this case, Oak Hill Fire and Rescue members identified a need and problem in their community of providing fire and rescue protection to citizens in locations inaccessible to modern fire apparatus.

Through the FEPP program, Oak Hill Fire and Rescue received an excess Department of Defense M35 truck. Oak Hill Firefighter, Greg Gettys was able to acquire a 32 horsepower Waterous Pump, 500 gallon water tank and a complement of forestry hose, valves, fittings and nozzles for the apparatus.  All of this equipment was installed with the help of District 2 Forestry Mechanic Danny Hayes. With the aid of local Oak Hill Ironworks, a skid unit was fabricated for the apparatus cargo area. The skid unit provides for interchangeable bed configurations, allowing for future expansion and flexibility in use.  The apparatus was painted by individuals from the NC Department of Corrections. Stevens Signs Company of Icard, NC provided graphics and pin striping.

Innovation, combined with care and concern for the community makes this piece of apparatus truly unique.

The total cost to put this vehicle into service was about $2,000.00.


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