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DoD FFP Success Stories - Washington

"... Helping fire departments and the American Taxpayer!"

The first of twenty three truck chassis acquired by the Washington Department of Natural Resources, (DNR), in cooperation with the United States Forest Service, under the Department of Defense Firefighter Property Program, (FFP) for Washington Fire districts and Departments is helping to control fire!


Photograph below courtesy Washington Department of Natural Resources

DNR located this 1996 Ford F-800 truck in Minot , ND in March, 2007. District 5 Board Chair Eric Patton and Fire Chief Randy Coggan drove the truck back to Grays Harbor . District 5 then contracted DNR to convert the truck into a wildland fire engine. Chief Randy Coggan says, “ We are able to obtain a first rate engine, and save our taxpayers thousand of dollars in costs, thanks to this DNR program.”

Photo of completed engine given to Grays Harbor Fire Protection District #5.

Contact your state FFP Manager or State Forester with questions or comments concerning the FFP program.


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