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DoD FFP Success Stories - Ohio

"... Helping fire departments and the American Taxpayer!"

Ohioís Carroll County VFD converts a four wheel drive pickup truck(provided through the Fire Fighter Property (FFP) program)into a wildland fire engine.

Photo of Caroll County's wildland fire engine.

Fire Departments budgets are limited and structure protection equipment requires the lionís share of most budgets. All rural fire departments in Ohio respond to wildland fires and many do not have specific wildland equipment and most respond in personal vehicles or structure engines. Fire departments are in need of four wheel drive trucks to convert into wildland fire engines to increase or strengthen their wildfire readiness and suppression capabilities.

Through the Fire Fighter Property (FFP) and the Federal Excess Personal Property (FEPP) programs the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Forestry is able to acquire excess military four wheel drive pickup trucks and make them available to rural fire departments. Funds made available through the Volunteer Fire Assistance (VFA) grant program makes 50/50 matching grants available to these departments to help offset the costs of placing these trucks into service including purchasing wildland slip-in pumper units.


The FFP program makes much needed equipment available to departments that they otherwise would not have the means to acquire. A truck such as this:

Photo of pickup truck as received from DoD through the FFP program.

Turns into this:

Photo of Caroll County's wildland fire engine.

Providing a four wheel drive pickup truck to the Carroll County VFD at no cost was a great benefit to the department and to the entire county. The department was able to place the truck into service; including buying a wildland slip-in unit with assistance from the VFA 50/50 matching grant program. Total investment for Caroll County was $5,000.

Fire Departments in the Carroll County area and northeast Ohio have become very active in the FFP program partially due to the very well done complete conversion by the Carroll County VFD. This truck made other departments realize becoming involved in the FFP program coupled with some dedication could result in acquiring much needed equipment.

Contact your state FFP Manager or State Forester with questions or comments concerning the FFP program.


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