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DoD FFP Success Stories - Iowa

"... Helping fire departments and the American Taxpayer!"

Iowa Department of Natural Resources works to provide assistance to the rural volunteer fire departments!


The volunteer firefighters of Floyd love a challenge. But even for them, this was “a big one.” Armed with just a photo of a totaled fire truck and a few sentences describing its specifications, Floyd Fire Chief Ben Chatfield was able to convince other firefighters and the department’s board in taking on a rebuilding project. Even though the tanker Chatfield found through a website’s listing of available vehicles was only a few years old, it was involved in a roll-over accident that left it totaled, but he — and others, after some convincing — saw its potential for the local fire department

The 20 volunteer firefighters rolled up their sleeves, got into contact with local businesses and residents who could lend a hand here or there, received some discounts on parts and refurbished this $300,000 truck for a mere $40,000.

An estimated 3,200 hours of labor from the firefighters is in this tanker: hours built up from time in between fire calls, after regular workday shifts, on weekends and even vacation days. It was a labor of love, but also done out of necessity. “We build most of our own trucks. It’s the only way we can really afford to update (them),” Chatfield explained, adding that there are only a few newer fire trucks in the area, though those departments purchased them at a higher cost.

Photo of Floyd Volunteer Fire Department tanker Photo of Floyd Volunteer Fire Department tanker

“It was a challenge, but I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again”.

Contact your state FFP Manager or State Forester with questions or comments concerning the FFP program.


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