GSA/FEPMIS Interface - Processes and Policies

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The interface will be activated for each individual FEPP screener.  Once activated, when GSA allocates the property to the screener in GSAXcess, the interface generates an automatic SF-122, Request for Transfer of Property, in FEPMIS under the screener’s identification who froze the item in GSAXcess.

The screener will continue to receive a fax copy or an email of the GSA-generated SF-122 from which the screener will find the information needed to complete the Saved SF-122 - Items allocated by GSAXcess, in FEPMIS.  Needed information includes the GSA area property officer, the holding agency, the property location, and the FEPP type.

The State FEPP Manager or District Manager must insert the screener’s GSA-assigned Activity Access Code (AAC)(a 6-place alpha-numeric code) into the screener’s FEPMIS profile. 

You can request access into GSA Xcess by contacting your State FEPP Manager.

New requests to GSA for GSAXcess access should include the request for interface activation.

NOTE:  GSA assigns a unique access code to each screener who has access to GSAXcess.  There is nothing to prevent screeners from sharing their GSAXcess access codes and passwords, but doing so could create massive confusion when the access code is enrolled in the GSAXcess/FEPMIS interface process.  We strongly urge FEPP managers to discourage their State partners from any such sharing. 

FEDS - click here to go to GSA's Xcess page.