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                                                 DEMILITARIZATION CODES

CODE                                                 EXPLANATION

A                 Non-MLI/Non-CCLI -- Demilitarization not required.

B               MLI (Non-SME) -- Demilitarization not required.  Trade Security Controls required at disposition.

C                MLI (SME) -- Remove and/or demilitarization installed key point(s), as prescribed in this manual, or lethal parts, components and accessories. 

D                MLI (SME) -- Total destruction of item and components so as to preclude restoration or repair to a usable condition by  melting, cutting, tearing,     scratching, crushing, breaking, punching, neutralizing, etc.  (As an alternate, burial or deep water dumping may be used when approved by the DOD Demilitarization Program Office.) 

E                 MLI (Non-SME) This code is obsolete do not use.  Materiel previously coded E was additional critical materiel determined by the DOD Demilitarization Policy Working Group to require demilitarization, either key point or total destruction with demilitarization instructions furnished by the DOD Demilitarization Program Office.  This materiel has been incorporated into paragraphs A. or B., as appropriate, within each Category of DOD 4160.21-M-1, Appendix 4.

F                  MLI (SME) -- Demilitarization instructions to be furnished by the Item/Technical Manager/Equipment Specialist.

G                 MLI (SME) -- Demilitarization required Ammunition, Explosives and Dangerous Articles (AEDA).  Demilitarization will be accomplished and the material rendered explosive free/inert prior to physical transfer to a disposal activity or release from DOD control.  This code will be used for all unclassified AEDA items.

P                 MLI (SME) -- Security Classified Item -- Declassification and demilitarization and removal of any sensitive markings or information will be accomplished prior to accountability or physical transfer to a disposal activity or release from DOD control.  This code will also be assigned to classified AEDA items.

Q                 CCLI -- Commerce Control List Item -- Demilitarization not required.  CCLIs are dual use (military, commercial and other strategic uses) items under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Industry and Security, U.S. Department of Commerce, through the Export Administration Regulations.  The types of items controlled under the CCL are commodities (i.e., equipment, materials, electronics, etc.), software and technology.  The CCL does not include those items exclusively controlled by another department or agency of the U.S. government.  (See DOD 4160.21-M-1, Chapter 3 and Appendix 5).