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New Personnel

Types of Training

Training Materials


This section addresses the need for training of personnel who have the responsibility for managing or using FEPP in the fire protection program. It also addresses the training needs of personnel who order from or interact with the various Federal sources of supply listed in Chapter 70.

The objective is to to achieve a proper training level for: 1) Forest Service employees who have the responsibility to manage or use FEPP in the fire protection program, 2) personnel who order from or interact with the various Federal Sources of Supply listed in Chapter 70 of this desk guide and are involved in the programs described, and 3) the State and local fire employees acting as Forest Service agents in these programs.


It is the policy of the Forest Service to encourage and provide training to employees described above. The policy shall be to use Forest Service and State employees as much as possible to provide training, but when necessary use employees from the GSA, DLA, and other agencies.


The administration of this Federal-State cooperative program is the joint responsibility of the individual State foresters and the Forest Service. It is incumbent upon all parties to be sure that adequate training is available and given to maximize savings and to minimize program abuse, individual liability, and agency liability.


New personnel assigned to the FEPP program seldom come with a property management background. Reduce the learning time and the number of problems by conducting formal and informal training. Time invested in training reduces the time required later in resolving legal and administrative concerns.


Training for the FEPP program and for purchasing from the many Federal sources of supply comes from workshops conducted by the Forest Service and States, the GSA, from FEPP reviews, national workshops and conferences, and the State Agencies for Surplus Property.

Functional Training - Forest Service and State trainers should conduct formal functional training as needed to ensure that personnel are adequately prepared for their role.

Workshops - State foresters and Forest Service regional/area FEPP managers should conduct workshops to familiarize new Federal and State employees with the FEPP program, and to maintain currency with Forest Service, GSA, and DoD regulations.

GSA periodically conducts training on Federal property management, including FEPP, and on purchasing fire supplies of GSA through the FEDSTRIP system. This training will also prepare the user to order from the MILSTRIP system. GSA also conducts classes on a host of supply, logistics, purchasing, and contracting subjects. State foresters should work through the Forest Service to obtain this training.

FEPP Reviews - Participating in FEPP reviews conducted by the Forest Service and/or the State is a good way to get training and a current oversight of a FEPP program. Participating in reviews of other States/regions is useful.

National workshops of the Users and Screeners Association (USA) and the National Association of State Agencies for Surplus Property (NASASP) are useful sources of training for acquisition and use of excess and surplus property.


The many agencies that participate in the FEPP and purchasing programs provide a wealth of training materials.

USDA Forest Service publishes the FEPP Desk Guide. There are also many regional FEPP Handbooks and FEDSTRIP guides.

GSA publishes the FPMR, the FMR, and bulletins, sales notices, pamphlets, and pocket guides.

Some State foresters have developed FEPP direction specific to their programs in State FEPP handbooks. In addition, several States have developed modification plans, wiring diagrams, and parts lists for FEPP modification plans, wiring diagrams, and parts lists for FEPP.

DoD has a number of publications, compact disks, microfiche, and technical manuals that are applicable to the FEPP program and individual types of FEPP. Information on some of those materials is in Chapter 70 of this document.

REC in Roscommon, Michigan has developed a tank modification plan for most of the major military vehicles, in addition to a number of other useful studies and plans. Write to:

Roscommon Equipment Center
c/o Forest Fire Experiment Station
P.O. Box 68
Roscommon, MI 48653
(517)275-5211 Fax: (517)275-8249
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FEPP Desk Guide May 2000