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Fire Science/Research Related Links

Atmosphere-Ecosystem Interactions
Understanding Atmosphere-Ecosystem Interactions at Multiple Scales
Canadian Fire Research Network
The Fire Research Network (FRN) is one of 10 Science and Technology Research Networks of the Canadian Forest Service (CFS) of Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)
Center for Invasive Plant Management
This site contains a wealth of information on invasive weed management and related research, including a number of pages specifically related to the threat of invasive weeds in burned areas.
Disturbance Economics Research Team
Research on such topics as the "Economic Effects of Catastrophic Wildfires," and "Quantifying Trade-offs of Alternative Vegetation Management Strategies, Wildfire, and Suppression in Fire Prone Regions of the US."
Fire & Environmental Research Applications Team
Fire and Environmental Research Applications (FERA) Team, part of the Managing Natural Disturbance to Sustain Forest Health Program at the Pacific Northwest Research Station.
Fires & Forest Health
Congressional Research Service Report for Congress by Ross W. Gorte, natural resources policy specialist.
An effective mechanism for wildland fire technology and information transfer.
A large experimental prescribed burn near Fairbanks. The project is in terrain dominated by permafrost, and focuses on the large-scale ecological consequences of fire.
Global Fire Monitoring
This site contains a wealth of information about the science of monitoring wildland fires and their effects on the environment around the world.
TNC Fire Management & Research
The Nature Conservancy's National Fire Management Program oversees fire management on TNC preserves nationwide, fosters fire ecology research, and promotes the judicious use of prescribed fire to meet biodiversity conservation needs through publications, information exchange, and fire policy reviews. The Fire Program also provides prescribed fire training for TNC staff and cooperators.
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