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  GSA Short Term Vehicle Rental Program Advice (MS Word)


6300/5100/6100 Letter Dual Exception Authority - EERAs and other contracts with AD Pay Plan Hires - 6/6/2008 (MS Word) (PDF File)

6300/5100 Letter - 2008 Solicitation Templates for Competitive Preseason EERAs and the Use of EaTIS 12/20/2007 (MS Word)
Enclosure - Vendor Employee Training (MS Word)

6300/5100 Letter Competitive EERAs - AQM and FAM Responsibilities 4/17/2007 (MS Word) (PDF File)
6300/5100/5700 Letter National Competitive Solicitation Plan for EERAs, EaTIS and VIPR (PDF File) (MS Word)
Attachment (PDF File) (MS Excel)
2008 National Soliciation Strategy (MS Word)
National Competitive Solicitation Plan (XLS file)
6320 Letter - All Risk Aquisition Authority 2/14/2006 (MS Word) (PDF File)
Method of Supply Analysis Overview & Action Plan 7/2005 (MS powerpoint)
Method of Supply Analysis briefing paper 2/14/2005 (PDF File)
Applicability of CCR to procurements Related to Incidents 3/31/2004 (PDF File) (MS Word)
Exigency for Hurricanes 2005 (PDF File) (MS Word)
6300/6640 Letter - Waiver for Certain Purchases (Telecom) AGAR Advisory 58A 5/24/2006 (PDF File) (MS Word)
Ordering Non-local Contractors 10/23/2003 (PDF File) (MS Word)
5100/6300 - Letter Vitamin and Mineral Supplements 7/7/2006 (PDF File) (MS Word)
NWCG Memo on Vitamin Supplements March 22, 2006 (PDF File) (MS Word)
EERA Payment Examples - Incident Procurement Page - "Payments" Section
Equipment and Method of hire Standards 11/6/07
(MS Word)
Management of Emergency Equipment Rental Agreements (EERAs) and National Fire and Aviation Contracts - CY 2006 7/29/2005 (PDF File) (MS Word)
6320/5100 Letter - EERA (Clauses) Procedures for 2006 7/6/2006 (PDF File) (MS Word)
EERA General Clauses 3/8/2005 (PDF File) (MS Word)
USDA- OIG EERA Audit Report 7/2005 (PDF File)
2005 Incident Acquisitions and IAS 4/12/2005 (PDF File) (MS Word)
6300/5100 Letter - EERA Utilization SDVOSB 7/11/2006 (PDF File) (MS Word)

Contracting Officer’s Representative Certification Implementation Strategy for Fire and Aviation Contracts 3/11/2008 (MS Word)

Final Report (PDF File)

COR Certification Strategy Task Group Charter (PDF File) (MS Word)
National Solicitation Templates are now maintained on the Forest Service Incident Procurement Site:

NEW! Contractor Performance Evaluations
In order to meet OIG recommendations (7/2005) for EERA record keeping, contractor performance evaluations will be recorded in the National Institute of Health (NIH) Contractor Performance System (CPS) as required by Forest Service Acquisition Regulation (FSAR) 4G42.1503. A paper copy of the CPS Standard Contractor Performance Report shall be completed at the incident for all contract equipment and submitted to the Contracting Officer who signed the agreement. All highlighted blocks on the form must be completed with a narrative statement supporting each of the rating criteria.
NIH website

Standard CPS performance evaluation form (MS Word)

2008 Status of Commissary Contract
Handbook Link

Chapter 20 - Acquisition


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