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Fire Vehicle Standardization Committee
January 2008

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Mission Statement

The primary mission of the Fire Vehicle Standardization Committee is to promote standardization of Forest Service fire vehicles commensurate with cost effective fire management. The Committee recommends requirements for fire vehicle standardization, policy, procurement practices, and training.


This Committee is chartered under the direction of WO Fire and Aviation Management. The Committee is established in response to the 2006 Fire and Aviation Management Efficiencies developed by Forest Service Fire Directors, Regional Aviation Officers, Fire Operations, Fire and Aviation Safety Officers, and the Line Officer Team (LOT).

I. Purpose/Objectives

As directed by WO FAM:

Establish recommendations for a fire vehicle standardization policy and develop a series of common models to be used nationally. All geographic area needs will be considered in the selection of standard models. Efforts will be coordinated with the Fleet Management Business Process Reengineering review.

A. Develop standard fire vehicle models and options.

B. Develop a recommended implementation strategy.

C. Submit policy change recommendations.

D. Identify existing training curriculum and modify (standardize) as required.

E. Develop streamlined ordering standards/guide and centralized procurement methodology.

F. Update Wildland Fire Engine Guide, including guidelines for reclassification of existing equipment.

II. Committee Composition

This Committee is comprised of representatives from regional FAM, field-level fire operations, fleet management, line officers, and a technical advisor. Additional subject matter experts may be requested as needed by the Committee. The committee will be disbanded upon submission of all fire vehicle standardization recommendations.

A. The chair shall be selected by the WO FAM director.

B. Attendance of subject matter experts will be requested as needed.

C. This Committee will meet or confer as needed to accomplish objectives.

D. Minutes (including recommendations, concerns, and action items) will be submitted to Committee members and FAM Director within 30 days.

III. Expected outcome

The expected outcome shall be recommendations per Section I, Purpose/Objectives.

IV. Committee Chair Responsibilities

A. Facilitate the time and place for all Committee meetings and conference calls.

B. Request attendance of guest participants. Coordinate guest participation and attendance timeframes.

C. Ensure assigned tasks are monitored and completed.

D. Represent the Committee at FAM meetings.

E. Assure meeting notes, decisions, and information are recorded and disseminated to the Committee members, the FAM Director, and others as applicable.

F. Assemble, correlate, and prepare all material to be acted upon by the Committee.

G. Delegation of work assignments.

V. Charter Approval

Prepared By:

/s/ Tory Henderson
Committee Chair

Approved By:
/s/ Tom Harbour
WO FAM Director

Prepared By:

/s/ Tory Henderson 1/24/08
Committee Chair Date

Approved By:

/s/ Tom Harbour 2/22/08
WO FAM Director Date