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Wildland Fire Chemicals
National Contracts/Agreements

Additional Information Regarding Wildland Fire Chemical BPAs

2013 Class A Wildland Fire Foams

2013 Water Enhancers (Gels)

2014 Fire Retardant FOB Origin

2013 Mobile Retardant Bases - Airtanker

2013 Mobile Retardant Bases - Helicopter

2013 Mobile Retardant Bases - SEAT

2013 Mobile Retardant Bases - Trailers

2013 Mobile Retardant Bases - Ground

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U.S. Forest Service Long-Term Fire Retardant Specification

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Photos of large multi-engine airtankers performing retardant drops and one photo of a portable water storage tank.

These contracts provide for the normal supply requirement of various wildland fire chemicals by the U.S. Forest Service and Agencies of the U.S. Department of the Interior and may be used by other agencies with formal agreements with the above Departments.

For questions concerning this program, please contact;

Mike McFarlane, Contracting Officer

(208) 387-5695 or e-mail Mike McFarlane

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