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2002 Forest Service Safety Alerts

2002-07 Para-Cargo Load Inspections and Procedures
2002-08 Helicopter Water Bucket Payloads
2002-09 Uncontrolled Airport Procedures
2002-10 Bell 212/214 Engine Failure
2002-11 Helicopter Water Bucket Operations
2002-12 Over the Counter Medications
2002-13 Bell 212 Load Calculations
2002-14 Commercial Airline Security Information
2002-15 Defective Foregecraft Model 3144 Hooks
2002-16 Pilot Duty Day Limitations
2002-17 Accepted Procedures for the Mixing and Loading of Retardant into SEATs
2002-18 Bell 407 Main Rotor Blade Airworthiness
2002-19 Helicopter Water Bucket Operations
2002-20 SA 315B Lama Stand Down
2002-21 Retardant Fill Rate (Maximum – 500 gpm)
2002-22 AS 350 Series Collective Locking Mechanism



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