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A look at the past, an eye on the present and vision for the future.

Jim Morrison & Gary Morgan

Most rules and regulations that impact our work and lives have their origins in a mishap of one form or another. It may be an error that led to monetary loss, equipment damage, legal action, or even injury The philosopher Santayana had a saying, “those that do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” In the aviation safety field we have our own saying, “there are no new accidents”. Unfortunately aviation is a risky operation but an essential one in the field of resource protection. Our goal is to help you systematically address the known issues, probable issues and even find a few surprises that will help manage the risks of your operation so you can achieve a successful outcome.

At Safety System Enterprises, we have 65 years of collective experience in aviation operations involving different aircraft, missions, organizations, and cultures.  Our passion is in working to ensure all who operate in and around environments of elevated risk, get to go home at the end of their assignment with the knowledge that they accomplished their mission. We believe that the present Safety Management System approach to flight operations is state of the art.  Let us help you to reach that goal.

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