Issue 37
March 2009

Business Spotlight

Safety System Enterprises (SSE) is a team of Forest Service employees specializing in helping government organizations control their accident rates and maintain a resilient organization. SSE employees Gary Morgan and Jim Morrison are highly specialized aviation professionals with combined experience of more than 60 years. They are skilled in proactive mishap prevention methods as well as reactive investigations for lessons learned.

SSE services include:

Safety System Services - A look at the past, an eye on the present, a vision for the future.

Recognizing the diverse needs of the agency, SSE is available for single, occasional, or recurring projects. For more information about how Safety System Services can assist your program, please contact Business Lead, Gary Morgan at (414) 339-8479 or e-mail

Enterprise Program Update

The Enterprise Program annual meeting, held during the week of March 9, was successful on a number of fronts. The theme of the meeting was “Reconnecting the Past-Present-Future”. We celebrated the first ten years of the program and focused on the coming years. Attendees from the Enterprise Units, Program Office, Steering Committee, Region 3 Acquisitions Management (AQM), Albuquerque Service Center Budget and Finance Working Capital Fund, and the National Federation of Federal Employees spent time on a number of issues as well as took time to network with one another.

A major highlight of the week was the presentation by Gifford Pinchot III of plaques to each Enterprise Unit (EU), the Steering Committee, and those units providing support to the EUs. The plaques included a photo of his grandfather and a hand written note that said:

“My grandfather would be proud of what
Enterprising has accomplished for the Forest
Service – Gifford Pinchot III”

One of the topic areas covered at the meeting revolved around the program-wide business plan that provides a framework on which the Enterprise Program can build. Another topic area was working relationships between the Enterprise Program and Region 3 AQM. The discussion resulted in great progress – enabling and refining the way we work together to accomplish the agency’s work. These were two of many discussions that took place.

On more than one occasion I have mentioned the program-wide metrics. I am emphasizing them again, as we will soon send out the customer and employee surveys (watch for them in late March).

As ever, keep up the great work!
~Bill Helin, Director, Enterprise Program

Project Highlight: TEAMS

It’s all upstream from here! TEAMS Enterprise congratulates fisheries Masters SCEP students Anthony Olegario and Brooke DeVault as they successfully move into professional roles and join the Enterprise unit full time!

This past summer, Anthony led the Region 6 Culvert Passage Effectiveness Monitoring Program.

Brooke DeVault snorkeling Mouse Creek on the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, summer 2008.

The first round of effectiveness monitoring results is currently being evaluated. Additional monitoring on a variety of culvert replacements and road decommissioning will take place throughout Region 6. Anthony will be providing the Regional Fisheries Program Manager with a summary of recommended changes to the protocol. Because of their efforts $50,000 was added to this Region 6 work order.

Similarly impressive, Brooke led our newly developed partnership with Arizona Department of Game and Fish. She completed the Conklin Fish Creek Barrier Maintenance CE which will allow repairs to a non-native fish barrier this fall. Brooke is presently working on the second project to supplement the Apache Trout Enhancement Project Environmental Assessment to allow use of rotenone as a renovation chemical for treatments to streams previously approved for use of antimycin-A in the Apache Trout Enhancement Project Environmental Assessment. Because of Brooke’s timeliness and ability to keep these projects on task, Arizona Department of Game and Fish is doubling her budget ofr FY 2009!

Lotus Notes - Enterprise Letterhead

Many of you who use Lotus Notes Version 7 may have noticed that you can now incorporate the Enterprise logo on your letterhead. Enterprisers are strongly encouraged to use the logo in this manner in an effort to help solidify the
Enterprise “brand”. If you do not yet have Version 7, at some point it will be pushed to your computer. For others to see the logo, they too must have Version 7.

Now you can add the Enterprise logo to your Lotus Notes letterhead

Here’s how to add the Enterprise logo to your letterhead:

This opportunity to include the Enterprise Program logo offers recognition to the program, daily. Try it out!

Blogging with the Forest Service

Looking for opportunities to connect with your peers and FS leadership in a convenient, collaborative, and effective arena? Try blogging. The FS has been blogging for over a year now. A blog (short for weblog) is a website where regular entries are made—sort of like a journal or diary. Typical blogs offer commentary or news on a particular subject, while others serve more as personal online diaries. Blogs offer a more casual way for meaningful communication through open and easy avenues for input. No, it’s not always polished and perfect. What it does offer is an opportunity for open, respectful, and honest dialogue with one another. Associate Chief Hank Kashdan's blog is one to watch – read some of the entries, experiment with a short posting, or dive on in.

Visit FS Blogs at:

Gearing Up for Stimulus Bill

A comprehensive Historic Property Management Plan provided by Heritage Stewardship Group will help guide the Okanogan and Wenatchee National Forests in Washington as they make plans for historic Winthrop Ranger District.

Heritage Stewardship Group (HSG) is now well into its first year as a new enterprise business, having the privilege to assist in preserving the nation’s natural resources. HSG believes in maintaining an atmosphere that can easily adapt to meet the dynamic and ever changing needs that arise in land management agencies; such as potential increases in
project work related to the recently signed Stimulus Bill. For example, through the development of practical, user-friendly Historic Property Management Plans (HPMPs), HSG is helping facilities managers and engineers, maintenance staff, and heritage personnel make sound decisions regarding preservation, restoration, rehabilitation, and routine maintenance of cultural resources. HSG recently completed a HPMP for the Winthrop Ranger Station, a historically and architecturally significant Depression-era building group located in Washington’s Methow Valley Ranger District. The plan will serve as a comprehensive guide for future treatments to the facility and will enable the ranger district to achieve its long-term goals of stewardship and historic preservation. As Forest Service employees, HSG understands the importance of sustainable multiple-use management. Therefore, the goal of HSG is to provide efficient, innovative solutions to fulfill all cultural resource compliance needs.

New Intranet Site Available for Employees about Economic Recovery and the Forest Service

The Forest Service’s Economic Recovery Team has launched a new intranet site for employees preparing to implement the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

On this site, employees will be able to find pertinent information about Forest Service efforts, link to th websites for USDA and, ask questions through the new Ask the Economic Recovery Team feature, and discuss issues on the new Economic Recovery Forum.

As you think through how you might accomplish the various projects you are asked to complete under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and/or ways to complete your regular program of work, consider using one or more of the Enterprise Units.

For more information about the Enterprise Program visit or contact Enterprise Program Director, Bill Helin at

You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control your attitude toward what happens to you, and in that, you will be mastering change rather than allowing it to master you. Brian Tracy, Motivational Speaker

From the Editor

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